Save Civita Because Sudberry Won't

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Study Validates Concern For Dangerous Roads in Civita

Pedestrian deaths - save civita

Pedestrian Deaths Reach Highest Level in 28 Years.

The roads in Civita are designed exactly in the way this study says is a recipe for disaster.

A May 2018 report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) validates Save Civita’s concerns. Available at Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the report describes a scenario strikingly similar to Civita: half-mile stretches of roads in a dense residential area with no crosswalks or traffic calming, where the City plans to use the roads to funnel traffic to and from freeways.

Quotes from the study:
“Pedestrian deaths have jumped 46 percent since reaching their lowest point in 2009, as pedestrian crashes have become both deadlier and more frequent. The increase has been mostly in urban or suburban areas, at non-intersections, on arterials — busy roads designed mainly to funnel vehicle traffic toward freeways — and in the dark, a new IIHS study shows. Crashes were increasingly likely to involve SUVs and high-horsepower vehicles.”

The large increase in pedestrian deaths on arterials isn’t surprising. These roads often have a shortage of convenient and safe crossing locations.” “’When people are forced to walk long distances to the nearest signalized intersection, they are more likely to choose the riskier option of sprinting across multiple lanes of traffic,’ David Harkey, IIHS President says. Communities can improve safety by providing more options to safely cross.”

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